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Quinta do Juncal has at your disposal a tennis court so that your stay is filled with amusement. Located near the swimming pool, Quinta do Juncal's tennis court gives you the privilege of playing tennis while watching your family having fun in the pool or grass.

During the days of your stay at Quinta do Juncal, you can use several sports equipments, a swimming pool, harmonious gardens, and walk through nature watching tracks.

Justifying one of the ancient names of this estate, Quinta dos Ribeiros, there are several water courses in it, witch, together with the abundant and carefully cared vegetation helps to accent its romantic aura and a surrounding magic that will delight whoever visits it.

Quinta do Juncal's gardens, through it's beauty and close relation with the surrounding environment, allow a tranquillity filled with colour. With 5 ha of garden, Quinta do Juncal's only concern is to please you and your family.